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Debbie's Aircooled Engineering

Bolt On EFI System - Dual IDF/DRLA

Bolt On EFI System - Dual IDF/DRLA

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 Hard starting? Poor fuel mileage? Bad drivability? It's time to ditch your old carburetors and distributor, and switch to Electronic Fuel Injection from Debbie's Aircooled Engineering

Our Bolt On EFI System for IDF/DRLA is a full package for converting Type 1 engines to crank triggered EFI, with full control of fueling and ignition.

Debbie's Aircooled is proud to provide the most affordable, capable, and easy to install EFI on the market!


  • 100% Bolt On - No machining or special tools required, uses your existing manifolds and linkage
  • Integrated power distribution - No additional fuse or relay boxes required
  • Ultra Compact ECU - Only 5"X4.5"X1.5"
  • Easy wiring - Simple screw terminals for all connections
  • 4 channel ignition and injection - Full Sequential ready!
  • Tuning through Tuner Studio - The top choice for DIY tuners
  • Comes preloaded with base tune
  • Full data logging capability through Tuner Studio
  • Adjustable rev limit and 2 step
  • Built In 2.5 Bar MAP sensor - Suitable for NA and boosted applications
  • Optional Bluetooth connectivity for wireless connection to laptop, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Optional Integrated Wideband Controller, no need for an external controller

Our unique ECU features an integrated power distribution system allowing for the simplest and cleanest DIY wiring on the market. Based on the popular Speeduino architecture, this system is tuned through Tuner Studio. Our innovative wiring system uses simple phoenix style screw terminal connectors, allowing easy customization of length without special crimping tools. Integrated power distribution means no need for external fuse boxes or relay's all self contained!



  • DACE Ultimate 4 Cylinder ECU
    • 4 Channel Injection/Ignition ECU - Full Sequential Ready
    • Integrated Power Distribution - 4 Relays & 8 Fused Circuits
    • Integrated Wideband O2 Controller
  • O2 Sensor, Harness, & Weld in Bung
  • Air Cooled Temperature Sensor
  • Intake Air Temperature Sensor
  • Throttle Position Sensor
  • 12' Tuning Cable


  • Debbie's Aircooled Throttle Bodies - Your Choice of Bore Size
    • Fits any IDF/DRLA style manifold
    • 1/8 NPT Vacuum Port
    • TPS Installed
    • 5/16 Fuel Rails
    • HD Throttle Arms

Fuel System:

  • E2000 Inline Fuel Pump
  • Pre & Post Pump Filters
  • Solid State Pressure Regulator (47 PSI)
  • Fuel Tank Tee (Sedan & Bus)
  • 5/16 NiCop Fuel Hardline - 12.5' (Sedan & Super Beetle)
  • Fuel Return Fitting (Super Beetle)
  • Fuel Injection Hose
  • Injectors of Choice


  • Debbie's Aircooled Bolt On Crank Trigger Kit
  • Distributor Plug
  • 4 Post Wasted Spark Coil
  • Pertronix 8mm Plug Wire Set

Wiring Harness:

  • All Connectors terminated with appropriate connector
  • Twisted and sleeved in abrasion resistant sleeving
  • Heat shrunk ends
  • Cut to length - clean installation for every application


Please allow 2-4 weeks for order fulfilment - kits are made to order

*Product may differ from what is pictured due to continual development.

**Current ECU version is V1.1 running Speeduino 202305

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