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Debbie's Aircooled Engineering

Debbie's Crank Trigger Ignition ECU

Debbie's Crank Trigger Ignition ECU

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Load Sensing
Warmup Sensor

ECU Only, for those that want to use a different crank trigger setup

Get ready to ditch your sloppy and ancient distributor based ignition!

Debbie's Crank Trigger Ignition ECU is just the ECU, wiring, and sensors, for use with any other crank trigger system.

Debbie's Aircooled is proud to provide the most affordable, capable, and easy to install crank trigger products on the market!


  • Integrated power distribution - No additional fuse or relay boxes required
  • Easy wiring - Simple screw terminals for all connections
  • Tuning through Tuner Studio - The top choice for DIY tuners
  • Comes preloaded with base tune for single or dual carb
  • Full tuneability - Customizable for MAP, TPS, or ITB load sensing (MAP and TPS sensor option required for Independent Throttle Body algorithm)
  • Full data logging capability through Tuner Studio
  • Adjustable rev limit and 2 step
  • Optional warmup sensor for temperature based timing adjustments
  • Timing idle control - Smooth and steady idle in all conditions
  • 2.5 Bar MAP sensor - Suitable for NA and boosted applications
  • Optional IDF/DRLA Throttle Position Sensor - Provides more accurate load measurements for dual carb engines with high duration cam

Our unique ECU features an integrated power distribution system allowing for the simplest and cleanest DIY wiring on the market. Based on the popular Speeduino architecture, this system is tuned through Tuner Studio, allowing for spark tables based on common algorithms.

The ECU features full data logging capabilities through Tuner Studio and includes inputs for temperature and wideband O2 sensors, allowing for more informed tuning of your spark table.

Our innovative wiring system uses simple screw terminals, allowing easy customization of length without special crimping tools. Integrated power distribution means no need for external fuse boxes or relay's all self contained!


  • ECU with Integrated Power Distribution and EZWire
  • 8' Pre-Terminated Customizable Wiring Harness
  • Tuning Cable (Short)
  • Ignition Coil of Choice
  • Optional: Warmup Sensor
  • Optional: Dual Carb Throttle Position Sensor

Please leave a note of what crank trigger you plan on using, I will try to build the wiring harness with the correct crank sensor connector.


Coil options currently include 4 post Subaru and VW coils. 

The Subaru coil uses the common HEI terminals (found on many aftermarket VW distributors)

VW coil uses LS2 style terminals. This option includes spark plug ends and boots to convert spark plug wires over to this style of terminal.

LS2 Coil and Coil On Plug options coming soon!

Load Sensing:

Load sensing options include MAP, TPS, or Both.

MAP sensor is best for single carb or stock applications. MAP sensor uses the pressure in the intake manifold for load sensing and requires a vacuum line.

TPS sensor is for dual carb (IDF or DRLA) only. TPS is often the best option for dual carb, large cam, large displacement engines. This option has the quickest and most accurate response for dual carb engines and does not rely on vacuum signal, which is often unstable with high performance engines. Most engines are more responsive with TPS.

The Both option will allow for the use of the ITB algorithm (Independent Throttle Bodies) which closely resembles dual carb engines. This option will provide the most accurate and responsive engine as it uses a combination of TPS and MAP sensors.


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